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The 53rd Annual World’s Largest Salmon Barbecue

As summer on Mendocino's rugged coast brings bright blue skies and warm ocean breezes, it also ushers in the town of Fort Bragg’s most delicious tradition - the 53rd Annual World’s Largest Salmon Barbecue. Taking place Saturday, July 6th 2024 from 11am to 6pm in South Noyo Harbor, this marks over half a century that our community has gathered for this one-of-a-kind event supporting salmon populations along the Northern California coast.

All proceeds from the barbecue event go towards the Salmon Restoration Association’s conservation efforts focused on stabilizing and strengthening local salmon runs for generations to come.

Beyond world-class smoked salmon sourced from Fort Bragg’s historic Noyo Harbor, what makes this event like no other is its warm, welcoming vibe melding small coastal town charm with big community spirit. Look forward to tasteful live music courtesy of Mendocino’s best: Tommy Brown’s Blues Review, Latchkey, Moon Rabbit, Mama Grow’s Funk, West of Nowhere, and Steven Bates Band. Other local singer/songwriter musicians will also be performing, namely Laura Lee Brown, Colby Lee Huston, Aaron Ford, Danny Barca, and Barry Volk.

As you eagerly anticipate the festivities this summer, be sure to also experience the flavors of Fort Bragg year-round at Cucina Verona. We celebrate the bounty of the sea with dishes like Salmon alla Genovese, Grilled Swordfish Piccata, and Baccalà Fresca Amalfitano alongside curated wines that encapsulate the rugged beauty and salt-air charm that brings our community together each July - even when the barbecue grills go dark. Pull up a chair for a taste of home any time! 


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