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Best Birdwatching Spots in Mendocino

Mendocino County is a birder's paradise with its diverse landscapes ranging from beaches and wetlands to forests and flower-filled trails along coastal bluffs. If you're visiting the area and want to try your hand at spotting some of the nearly 400 species native to the region, be sure to check out these prime birdwatching spots.

Montgomery Woods State Reserve

15825 Orr Springs Rd, Ukiah

Wander among some of the tallest and oldest redwoods in the world. Pacific Wrens, Chestnut-backed Chickadees, and Pileated Woodpeckers are just some of the winged creatures you may spy here.

Russian Gulch State Park


Traverse the lush riparian habitat and mixed evergreen forest perfect for spotting Warblers, Flycatchers and Steller's Jays.

The Pygmy Forest in Van Damme State Park

Van Damme State Park, Little River

Hike along the unique and beautiful Ecological Staircase Trail to spot its Pygmy Nuthatches, Pacific-slope Flycatchers, and other petite occupants.

MacKerricher State Park north of Fort Bragg

24100 MacKerricher Park Rd, Fort Bragg

Its varied terrain of beach, forest and wetland makes it a prime area to add coastal species like Black Turnstones, Surfbirds and Brown Pelicans.

Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

18220 CA-1, Fort Bragg

Wander through manicured gardens, forests and coastal bluffs, spotting some of the 187 varieties of birds.

Hendy Woods State Park

18599 Philo Greenwood Rd, Philo

One of the best places to spot forest birds like the Pileated Woodpecker.

No matter where your birdwatching adventures take you while in Mendocino, be sure to refuel and relax at the end of an exciting day. Head over to Cucina Verona in Fort Bragg for mouthwatering Italian cuisine, or pop into nearby Cucina Verona Mercato to assemble the ultimate gourmet picnic basket to take on your next outdoor adventure. After all, it's the blend of idyllic nature, tasty food and charming coastal villages is what keeps visitors returning year after year.


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