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Celebrating Valentine's Day in the City of Romeo and Juliet

Verona, Italy, famously known as the city of love due to its association with Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," celebrates Valentine's Day in a manner as romantic and picturesque as one could imagine. The city embraces its legacy as the backdrop for one of the most famous love stories ever told, turning February 14th into a special, love-filled celebration.

Verona in Love Festival

Each year, Verona hosts the "Verona in Love" festival around Valentine's Day, which draws lovers, romantics, and Shakespeare enthusiasts from all over the world. The city is decorated with heart motifs and thematic illuminations, creating an enchanting atmosphere that magnifies the romantic vibe. Streets, squares, and shop windows all play a part in the citywide declaration of love.

Valentine's Day Celebration in Verona, Italy

Events and Activities

The festival includes a wide array of events and activities designed to celebrate love and romance:

  • Letters to Juliet: People from around the globe send letters to Juliet, sharing their love stories or seeking advice. Juliet's secretaries, volunteers of the Juliet Club, answer these letters. During the festival, there's often an event or space dedicated to writing and exhibiting these love letters.

  • Romantic Markets: Artisan markets and stalls selling crafts, foods, and unique gifts perfect for Valentine's Day line the historic streets. These markets are a great place to wander hand in hand, soaking in the atmosphere.

  • Guided Tours: Special themed tours take visitors around Verona's historical landmarks, including Juliet's House, where one can stand on Juliet’s balcony and invoke the timeless scene from Shakespeare's play.

  • Concerts and Performances: Live music and dance performances add to the festive ambiance, with artists and entertainers bringing love songs and stories to life.

  • Romantic Dining: Restaurants across Verona offer special Valentine's Day menus, focusing on dishes that are meant to be shared or that evoke the spirit of romance, often accompanied by local wines.

  • Love Run: A fun, non-competitive run through the city's most scenic paths, catering to couples and families, and often themed around love and togetherness.

  • Lighting and Decorations: The city glows with themed lighting, especially the heart-shaped lanterns that illuminate Piazza dei Signori, transforming it into the "Court of Love".

Commitments and Renewals

Some couples choose Valentine's Day in Verona to make significant romantic gestures, such as proposals, or to renew their vows, often in settings associated with Romeo and Juliet’s tragic yet timeless love story.

A Unique Experience

Celebrating Valentine's Day in Verona is a truly unique experience, combining the deep historical roots of the city with the universal theme of love. It's an opportunity to step into a living fairy tale, where the spirit of Romeo and Juliet surrounds you, and love is celebrated in its many forms.

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