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A Taste of Mendocino Elegance: Introducing Our Own Costa Vineyards Pinot Noir!

It's with immense joy and a touch of pride that we at Cucina Verona reveal the rebirth of a dream – the release of our Estate Grown Costa Vineyards Pinot Noir 2021 and the exclusive Costa Vineyards Pinot Noir Reserve 2021. Tucked away about 15 miles inland from Mendocino Village, in a quaint town called Comptche, our vineyard has once again yielded the fruits of our labor, producing wines of extraordinary character and expressiveness.

The Story Behind the Vines

It all began in 1997 when I, Chef Joe Harris, stumbled upon a 20-acre plot, lovingly named Surprise Valley. The land spoke to me, with its solitary ancient apple tree standing guard over a neglected field, hinting at the bygone days when it sustained oats for cattle and, unexpectedly, wild gewürztraminer grapes. The dream of farming, long carried since boyhood, began to take root in this very spot.

Through collaboration and expert counsel, we planted our hopes on Pinot Noir. Affection for French Burgundy, coupled with the underrepresentation of Pinot at the time, guided our decision. It wasn't the easiest path – the unpredictable fog, the specific heat requirements, and the rare soil types demanded a careful, considered approach to viticulture.

Our vines ascend a sloped field, with rows pointed north to south to bask in maximum sunlight. A single vertical trellis system elevates our grapes, ensuring that the coastal fog kisses but never cloaks our precious fruit. Every painstaking detail, from trellising to the reduced crop load of merely 2.5 tons per acre, has been in pursuit of perfection.

In collaboration with the venerable winemaker Greg Graziano, we have curated wines that reflect the glory of the Comptche appellation.

The Wines We Celebrate

Costa Vineyards Pinot Noir 2021 (Retail: $36)

  • With 110 cases available, this selection offers a nuanced profile where fruit and oak waltz in harmony, 66% from Pommard Clone vines, and 33% from Dijon 115 Clone vines. This versatile Pinot Noir is a crowd-pleaser, ideal for any occasion.

Costa Vineyards Pinot Noir Reserve 2021 (Retail: $44)

  • Our Reserve, limited to 56 cases, is an ode to the classical richness of Burgundy. Made from 100% Pommard Clone grapes and aged in 25% new French Oak, it reveals a tale of red berries, earthy notes, harmonious tastes, and a structure that commands attention.

A Special Offer from Cucina Verona

In celebration of our vineyard's bountiful return, we are delighted to offer a 10% discount for a selection of 6 bottles, and a 20% discount on a full case of 12.

Join us on this journey that started over two decades ago – a venture that was equal parts risk and passion. Our vineyard, now bearing the fruit of our dedication and patience, allows us to share these exceptional wines, each imbued with the coastal fog's whisper and the sun's resolute glow.

To our patrons and fellow wine enthusiasts, we extend an invitation to explore both the story and the flavor of our Costa Vineyards Pinot Noir selections. Embrace the harmony of a wine that is as close to the ocean as the bold spirit of Mendocino allows.

Cin cin to new adventures, shared memories, and the fine art of wine-making!


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